DeHijo Family Ministry

Owned by DeHijo Family Ministry    c/o Salem, South Dakota Responsible Member: Rick Hidalgo                                  

Upcoming Actions!

Our Mission Statement

We are raising funds to secure land for the purposes of the Kingdom as they relate to our specific calling.


“We the Sons of Yahuah Elohyim, being bondservants of His name live in accordance with His Will and Testament.”

In perpetuity, as  Natural Born Americans and Sons of Yahuah/God by adoption; we wholly own private entities under private ecclesiastic jurisdiction for use by the Kingdom of Yahusha Hamashiach/Jesus Christ via the DEHIJO TRUST EMBASSY [FOREIGN EIN]; which includes the private ownership of certain estates and trusts that are not in the jurisdiction and venue of  the commercial US Corporate jurisdiction or any of its subsidiaries, vassals or any other commercial jurisdiction.  Heretofore enabling our members, partners, and agents to live a life of integrity, love, joy, health, harmony, spiritual education and prosperity in allegiance only to the Creator; helping those around us to do the same.

Our House Crest


Designed with a Greater Sun, a lesser sun, a lesser moon, and six stars which represent the DeHijo family; the crest has been forged into a signet for the purposes of family administration. The tree represents the ever expansion of the family reach and its influence on the world. The crest was designed in 2017 and is kept by the administrator of the embassy.

Covenant Members

Together we administrate the various entities of Dehijo Family Ministry.