DeHijo Family Ministry

Owned by DeHijo Family Ministry    c/o Salem, South Dakota Responsible Member: Rick Hidalgo                                   Vestibulum | Sed vulputate

Trinity Wrestling America is a Pro Wrestling

Professional Wrestling in the hands of Yahuah
Is a powerful tool to share the life, love, and
Power of Yahusha Hamashiach/ Jesus Christ.

TJ Herbals
TJ Herbals is a Herb Ministry.

Herbs have been used for centuries to
ease the human body. Herbs were
created by Yahuah. See Rev. 2:22

DigniChat is a Self-governance counseling Ministry.

Through DigniChat experienced counselors counsel
other Sons of Yahuah in the art of House Building.
C2K Report is a VLOG Ministry.

VLOGS have been used to interview  
relevant people, layout plans, and to teach
the foundations of self-governance.
A Discipleship program for ecclesiastic

Face to face instruction on contracting
with total privacy and lawful action.
A Kingdom Church; NOT a 501(c )3 or Government
registered entity.

Teaching Yahusha Hamashiach/Jesus Christ and His
Kingdom from a presumption of Kingdom Economic